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Background Papers: FFD Multi-Stakeholder Consultations on Systemic Issues (New Delhi, India)

August 29-30, 2005


Organized by Civil Society: New Rules for Global Finance Coalition, Institute for Human Development, International Development Economic Associates (IDEAS), United Nations Development Programme, and Friedrich Ebert Foundation

In Cooperation with the UN Financing for Development Office

General Background

Summary by the President of the General Assembly of the High-Level Dialogue on Financing for Development (New York, 27-28 June 2005). August 10, 2005. (13 pages)

Introduction: Goal of the Multi-Stakeholder Consultations on Systemic Issues

Interim Report and Recommendations On “Addressing Systemic Issues.” June 23, 2005. (29 pages)

Rapporteurs' Reports from the International Conference on Financing for Development Multi-Stakeholder Consultations on Systemic Issues.

I. Washington, DC. November 2004. (14 pages)

II. Lima, Peru. February 2005 . (6 pages)

III. Nairobi, Kenya. March 2005 . (8 pages)

Session I: Trade and Development

“Revisiting Trade and Development: Leveling the Playing-fields and Some More,” Irfan ul Haque. November 1999. (42 pages)

Tax Revenue and (or?) Trade Liberalization. IMF Working Paper, Fiscal Affairs Department. Thomas Baunsgaard and Michael Keen. June 2005. (19 pages)

Session II: Managing Risk

Up From Sin: A Portfolio Approach to Financial Salvation. Randall Dodd and Shari Spiegel. August 2004 (29 pages)

Session III: Credit During Crisis

Thematic Summary Report: Financial Liberalisation . C. P. Chandrasekhar. 2004. (read pages 1-33 of this 60 page document)

Session IV: Regional Priorities

Session V: Recommendations: When Crises Strike

A Proposal for a New International Debt Framework (IDF) for the Prevention and Resolution of Debt Crisis in Middle-Income Countries . Kathrin Berensmann and Frank Schroeder. February 2005. (22 pages)

Session VI: Governance

The Reform of Global Financial Governance Arrangements . Stephany Griffith-Jones and Jenny Kimmis (39 pages)

"The Bretton Woods Institutions: Evolution, Reform, and Change" by Jong-Il You in Governing Globalization: Issues and Institutions, Oxford University Press, 2002, pp. 209-237.


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